Provision Management

Provision is the management of rights in health care expenses through complete and correct decisions. For this reason, the most current and scientific medical diagnosis, treatment, technical knowledge, the country is managed by experienced medical teams following health practices and equipment.

It is one of our most important principles to observe the rights of all individuals who receive and do not receive health services with the right decision.

In the management of health expenses, accurate reading and recording of the information are very important. In this respect, Moneta Assistance uses an effective, smart, user-friendly program for making the right decision with its own software. With these programs, the patient's and sickness follow-ups and the comfort of life are not touched and health expenses are saved.

In provision, communication methods that support fast decision processes are used. It follows all digital and other technologies for fast acquisition and evaluation of oral and written medical information and documents.

Strong management of the provision processes; from insurance policies to renewal processes.

It contributes to total health costs by being sensitive to non-medical, non-scientific treatments which are not appropriate for medical indications.

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