Oral and Dental Health

Moneta Assistance has been in service for many years with its contracted dental practices and clinics.

Moneta Assistance provides service to 750.000 insured persons who have a dental guarantee of Contracted Insurance Companies with their experienced staff.

With our own software program, which is used in hundreds of clinics, provision processes are managed quickly and accurately.

Moneta Assistance; With the experience it has, it prepares all kinds of dental guarantee package and dental policy content according to the request of insurance companies for Oral and Dental Health.

We can provide all kinds of dental packages and organizations to companies such as Pension, Life, Health Insurances, Chest, Foundation and Banks.

Dental Provisioning Program has a structure that can provide significant control and save by managing the cost of dental expenses of institutions with its experienced staff and suitable negotiated prices. In doing so, he is aware of the sensitivity of the members towards his institution.

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