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In today's conditions, the need for experts in the field of psychology is a reality. We face many challenges in our business and private lives. Usually, we face these difficulties or ignore them, or we try to resolve them with our own efforts. This is no different than sweeping our problems under the carpet. Therefore, these problems, which are imprisoned in our subconscious, will always appear again and again and reduce our quality of life.

Another problem is the race against time. Business, family, children etc. We can't make time for ourselves. When we think of getting a psychological support and this will bring a financial burden, we start to see it as a luxury.

What if your psychologist had a click away from you? Along with the possibility of video or telephone calls from anywhere, anytime?

Moneta Assistance offers you this opportunity. With our expert psychologist, you can make video calls from anywhere and at any time, or you can have one-on-one sessions if you want. In this way, the expert will not spend time researching, will not work to make an appointment, you will not lose time in transportation. At the same time, you won't have to pay high with the advantage of being a customer.

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