Online Doctor

Now you have a private doctor.

You can call from anywhere and at any time.

With online doctor's counseling, we offer the right solution for your health at once.

  • Make online interviews with our doctors whenever and wherever
  • Get medical advice about your complaint,
  • You can find out which branch or doctor you need for your illness.

Our customers call Moneta Call Center or connect online with their mobile phones and computers. If you have called before, you will find your health information before you contact our doctor, if you are looking for the first time, your health information will be registered with the doctor by your permission, so that you can access the system at any time. Our doctor listens to your complaint, evaluates the results of the analysis and imaging, if necessary, the examination, specialist doctor video calls, specialist doctors start the appointment and transfer organizations.

In addition to receiving video medical consultations with our Online Doctor Service, we also provide both time and financial savings by avoiding the wrong branch physician, making wrong and unnecessary operations and contacting the emergency department for emergencies.

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