Health Solutions

With the Moneta Digital Health Platform, your private doctor, dietitian, psychologist, laboratory, briefly everything about your health is just a click away.

7/24 Online Doctor

You can make calls with video or telephone. * Moneta Assistance Online Doctor, * Specialist, * Nutritionist, * Psychologist.

On-Site Inspection and Transfer

*Appointment and transfer service to Moneta Assistance Contracted Doctor and Medical Network, *Time and financial savings by examination at home or at work.

Health Damage Management

Solutions for Management of Health Costs of Insurance Companies, Funds, Reimbursement Institutions, Non-Profit Organizations, and Private Firms ...

Medical Coaching & Assistance

Individual and Corporate Health Consultancy, Disease Monitoring, Assistance Services

Moneta Assistance

Moneta Assistance was founded by a dynamic and innovative team. In 2011, Moneta Assistance started work by providing dental assistance services to insurance companies. With our experience in oral and dental health, we have established a network with over five hundred clinics at sixty-seven cities.

Roofless Hospital
With our network of reliable specialist physicians and examination centers, we ensure that all kinds of procedures are carried out in a health institution, we make an appointment, transfer service, on-site examination and facilitate health access.
Digital Health Platform
Moneta Assistance Online Doctors, Specialists, Nutritionist, and Psychologists are available 24/7 as a telephone or video call service.
Medical Coaching
In health and disease, we apply professional counseling and personalized disease follow-up program with our expert health teams by evaluating the demands with our personal health representatives. In short, we follow health and disease.
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